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The Importance of Being Earnest, Portland Stage, 2019:

" the more socially constructed Gwendolen, it’s a pleasure to see on PSC’s stage local actor Allie Freed, who’s given such compelling performances in Bare Portland’s devised works. In Earnest, she shows her more classical chops as she delivers Gwendolyn’s intricate stream of self-interest and affectations precisely and fluently, with nuanced inflection and, when called for, a saturated dose of saccharine."

- Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix

"The love interests are played by Allie Freed, as a ditsy but determined Gwendolyn, and Tonya Ingerson, who gives her young Cecily over to attempts at managing the fierce competition between her mind and her emotions. The two interacting with each other match the humor of the moments between the men. When the four get together, the laughs multiply."

- Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald

Year of the Rooster, Dramatic Rep Company, 2018:

"Allie Freed, as the potential girlfriend Phillipa, owns a couple of the funniest/most outrageous lines in her quest for her own sense of achievement."

- Steve Feeney, Broadway World

"Phillipa the McDonald’s manager (whom Freed plays like a blade), likewise takes obscene pleasure in mocking Gil... that we sense others have treated these people similarly doesn’t lessen their cruelty, but illuminates it."

- Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix

The Yellow Wallpaper, Bare Portland, 2017:

""...This collaboration is one of the most adventurously conceived, bracingly executed theater works I’ve seen in a long time. At once edgy and ethereal, fraught and disarmingly funny, it conjures empathy by some surprising means, and it’s not to be missed." - Megan Grumbling, Portland Phoenix.

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