Allie is a Brooklyn-based EMC actor, mover, and theatre maker. Originally from Gloucester, MA, she moved to Maine to attend Bates College, where she earned her Bachelor's of Arts in Theatre and English (and completed two theses). While at Bates, Allie had the opportunity to travel to Budapest, Hungary to study Central European Theatre and Film. She has interned with Clubbed Thumb and Powerhouse Theatre Festival, both in New York, as well as the Bates Dance Festival. 

Allie has worked professionally in Portland, ME and Chicago, IL. While in Portland, she had the opportunity to work with Portland Stage, Dramatic Repertory Company, 60 Grit and Bare Portland, where she was a company member. In Chicago, she was a 2019-2020 member of Shattered Globe Theatre's Protégé Program and worked with the Passage Theatre and the Women's Theatre Alliance. 

Allie loves long distance running, swimming in the ocean, and making lemon squares. She can recite all the U.S. presidents in chronological order. Just ask. 


CURRENTLY: Check out Wet Sock on a Sore Foot, a new audio play written by Sam Myers and featuring Allie! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher. 

Headshot Credits: Chris Popio.



Happy Birthday Mars Rover (U/S)


The Importance of Being Earnest



Year of the Rooster

The Yellow Wallpaper 




Unsinkable (Workshop)


Our Country’s Good



Actor 2/4/6




Mira 2





Devising Ensemble

Liz Morden

Actress 1

dir. Alison Thvedt

The Passage Theatre


dir. Chris Grabowski

Portland Stage

dir. Tarra Bouchard

Bare Portland

dir. Sally Wood

Dramatic Repertory Company

dir. JJ Peeler

Bare Portland/Fringe

dir. Paul Haley

Maine Playwrights Festival

dir. Lindsey Higgins

60 Grit Theatre

dir. Sally Wood

Bates College

dir. Brooke O’Harra

Bates College


We Built Castles

Cloudy With a Chance

The Half-Light

Sagittarius Ponderosa 

The Great Will


Ms. Banks





Cannon Lady

Windy City Int. Film Festival

Victory Gardens


dir. Howard Madison

Women's Theatre Alliance


dir. Sally Wood

Portland Stage

dir. Katie Baskerville

Pinecone & Tassel Collective


dir. Jared Culverhouse

Portland Stage



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